Special Finishes

Art surface and interior designer

The Art Surface and Interior Designer is the most creative expression of our tailor-made approach. The dynamism of our team made up of artists, art designers and artisans, selected over years of work and experience, makes every working really unique. Finishing and decoration are perceived as style. We have created a new language through applications and the analysis of texture, patterns, colours and matters.

We think of matter as a new skin, as a tailor-made dress, in its most visionary form: metallic, translucent, rough, worn-out, sensory. Every working is caressed by glance, is materialized by touch, and it evokes the timeless recall of the origins of matter. Polyhedral extensions, perfect details, harmony of effects giving life to unique and precious works of art design.

  • esempio di terra cruda materiale

Lime and Sienna

Natural surfaces.

Lime is a natural matter boasting ancient roots, now ever more evaluated and contemporary, with very good features of permeability and transpiration.
Raw Sienna is the most ancient and environment friendly building material. It is made of clay and natural inert components, drying in the open air with no need of baking. The use of lime can give life to many kinds of materic and smooth surfaces: Venetian plasters, slaked lime, marmorino, workings with ancient plaster effect, tadelakt.

The Raw Sienna paste can be mixed with mineral and synthetic binders, giving life to interiors and surfaces boasting a timeless materic beauty. The versatility and aesthetics of these ancient matters are perfectly in line with contemporary values and taste. Specialised in using these matters, Itsup can create and design unique textures, which can be customised with bas-reliefs and unique wefts.

  • Decorazioni floreali, dipinti murali e affreschi sono le nostre lavorazioni più ricercate

Pictorial workings and artistic decorations

Artistic solutions for interior design.

Our skills are the result of years of study and experimenting ancient and modern painting techniques. Gildings, graffiti, oil, acrylic are just some of the working elements revisited into new shapes, the result of abilities and free painting-decorating activities, aiming at creating unique artistic decorations.

Trompe l’oeil, wall paintings, perfect reproduction of marbles, hand-made mosaics, interior design objects, scenery setting-up are amongst our most sought-after workings. We mix and coordinate various techniques, matching different materials, like stuccoes, resins, relief mortar, fabrics, papers, mosaic pieces or metal insets, giving every creation style and uniqueness.

  • Decorazioni floreali, dipinti murali e affreschi sono le nostre lavorazioni più ricercate

Liquid metal

Research, creativity, uniqueness.

The liquid metal is a precious and innovating matter, made with 90% metal powder mixed with resins to obtain a covering similar to the original metal, but with higher performances as for scratch and solidity resistance. The result of these surfaces is really extraordinary: the material has all the features typical of metal, like air-contact oxidation, electric conductivity and the typical coldness, while giving a soft and silky tactile sensation.

This material offers the possibility to cover every support with an extremely thin layer, following any kind of bending and shape: gold, copper, brass, bronze, white bronze, zinc, steel, aluminium are the latest developments of these state-of-the-art components. Our creations in liquid metal merge style and prestige, proposing new borders.

  • texture speciali delle nostre finiture speciali, pavimentazione tailor made in resina

Materic substances

Itsup, the surface designer.

We work the surfaces so that a time stratification emerges from the matter, through the overlay of decorations and poor materials resurfacing amongst resins, micro-cements or coated natural mortars with waxes and pigments.
The surface tells thus the tale of itself through a technique giving matter a strongly tactile dimension.

Relief textural effects, with imprinting of fabrics, gauzes, abstract shapes, leaves and barks on the surface of different kinds of materials, like wood, laminated or plastic materials, turn into extraordinary, unusual customised wefts.
A new shape of matter in the interpretation of prestigious surfaces: scenographic, visionary, revolutionary.