Original Snaggers

The problem solvers of matter

The Snagger, an articulate mechanism of know-hows able to solve what you can’t imagine, a functional pool of experts for the care and aesthetic maintenance of Interior Design. Able to solve snags on wood, metals, leather and skins, marble, fabrics, paints, acrylic and synthetic materials, the Snagger deals with the problem solving of every detail, defect or lack of conformity.

The Snagger is a new kind of professionalism, result and sum of manifold techniques in the business area of art and craft.

You become a Snagger after many years of activity consecrated to the care of details, the study of artistic techniques, the work on manifold surfaces with ever more refined and specific tools, pursuing the aim to solve any defect with challenge and success, to get back to its original status as faithfully as possible.

Snagger- lavori-interior- restauro artistico- marzia-ratti
Snagger- lavoro-interior- restauro-preciso-marmi
Snagger- lavori-interior- restauro-artistico-legname
SNAGGED-legname- credenza-rovinato-riparata
SNAGGED-legname- porta-rovinato-riparata

The perfection of glass

Itsup Glass: our most recent business area, already capable of granting great satisfactions. Itsup takes care of scratches and impacts on the glass components.

From skyscrapers to hotel suites, from interior design objects to large windows and skylights, our specialists know how to recreate the transparencies of your spaces.

Starting from a careful damage assessment, the Glass Snaggers can operate on and correct even the deepest scratches.